September 26, 2022
US Aviation Industry

9/24/2001: US Airways Announces Closure of MetroJet

Today in Aviation, US Airways (US) announced the closure of its low-cost subsidiary MetroJet in 2001.

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Airlines Industry

FAA Denies Proposal to Cut Pilot Training Hours

The refusal by the FAA has left Republic Airways (YX) still struggling to deal with a global pilot shortage.

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Airlines Manufacturers

Silver Airways Retires Saab 340 Fleet

The aircraft retirement ends ten years of Silver Airways (3M) association with the Saab 340.

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8/22/1974: The Short 330 Performs Maiden Flight

Today in Aviation, the prototype Short 330 (G-BSBH) made its maiden flight in 1974. This is its story.

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Airports Business / Finance Industry

FAA Releases US$1bn of Infrastructure Funds to US Airports

There’s going to be a lot of construction and upgrading at US airports over the next several years.

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Airlines Routes

Wizz Air Can’t Fly to the US

This is why Wizz Air (W6) has been denied a foreign air carrier permit by the DOT to fly to the United States.

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Atlanta International Prepares for Busy Independence Day Weekend  

Over 1.7 million people are expected to travel through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) on Independence Day weekend.

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Featured History

American Airlines’ Jumbo Years

This is the story of American Airlines (AA) and the Boeing 747, as seen through the type’s 24-year-long history with the carrier.

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Airlines Routes

United Airlines Nonstop Washington DC to Cape Town

This will be the first-ever nonstop connection between the American capital and South Africa’s legislative capital.

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Jet Fuel Prices Hit Unprecedented High

Not only are jet fuel prices hitting a record-high spike but April 2022 was the first time ever that Jet-A prices surpassed 100LL prices.

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