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Today in Aviation: Sao Paulo’s VASP Is Founded

MIAMI – Today in Aviation, Viação Aérea São Paulo, better known as VASP, was founded in 1933 by the state government of Sao Paulo, Brazil. VASP’s head office was located in the VASP Building on the grounds of São Paulo–Congonhas Airport (CGH) in São Paulo. The airline had its bases at São Paulo’s two major airports, CGH and Guarulhos International […]

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TAM Airbus A350 XWB: Inaugural Flight to the Americas

MIAMI — Over the last decade, Brazil has experienced an unprecedented period of “Boom and Bust.” In the earlier part of the decade, the country experienced an unbridled economic expansion driven by the global run-up in the demand for its commodities. Economic prosperity and the international spotlight followed – peaking perhaps with all the global acclaim […]

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