October 2, 2022
AvGeek Featured Safety

Can a Commercial Airliner Fly over a Hurricane?

Is it feasible for a commercial aircraft to fly over a hurricane while remaining out of the storm’s path?

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Airlines Industry

Air France Pilots Suspended after Flight Deck Brawl

Flight Attendant’s were forced to intervene after hearing the altercation in the cabin.

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Airlines Industry

Cathay Pacific to Pay Pilots Extra to Fly to China

Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) is dangling allowances as a carrot for pilots rostered to fly into and out of mainland China.

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Featured Special Special Flights

PILOTS N PAWS: Saving Animals One Flight at a Time

Pilots N Paws is an organization dedicated to saving animals by flying them across the US to no-kill shelters or new homes. This is their story.

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Spirit Airlines Announces New Houston, TX Crew Base

Spirit Airlines (NK) announces a new Pilot and Flight Attendant crew base at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston, TX.

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Airlines Industry

Brussels Airlines Cancels More Flights to Ease Staff Workload

By cancelling 675 flights, Brussels Airlines (SN) management hopes it will appease trade unions.

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AvGeek Featured Industry

How Much Fuel Do Pilots Need?

The legalities surrounding how much fuel is required vary slightly from airline to airline and country to country.

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AvGeek Featured

When Do Pilots Get to Go Home?

This is when commercial pilots usually get to go home after a handful of flights.

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Airlines AVJobs

Emirates Takes off on Worldwide Hiring Tour

This may be your chance to make your aviation dream of flying to exotic locations on a respected international airline come true.

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Featured Safety

Flight Crews at Double Risk of Developing Skin Cancers

As we kickstart Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Airways shares the personal story of Elise S. May, an aviation safety professional, and her husband, a pilot for a major US carrier.

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