June 29, 2022
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Today in Aviation

Today in Aviation: The Prototype MD-11 Takes to the Skies

DALLAS – Today in Aviation, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 took to the skies for the first time from Long Beach, California, the US, in 1990. McDonnell Douglas had been looking for a replacement for its popular DC-10 tri-jet since 1976. Research began under the designation of the ‘Super 60.’ This developed into the MD-11, formally […]

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Bonus Flashback: Tri-Jet Twilight Inflight! Onboard one of the last MD-11’s in Passenger Service via KLM

MIAMI — Mention the words “McDonnell Douglas MD-11” to airline geeks, passengers, pilots, and airline executives and you’re likely to elicit many different reactions for this successor to the venerable Douglas DC-10 is a controversial airplane: Passengers often found the plane’s cabin very spacious and silky smooth ride very comfortable.  Airline geeks like myself still […]

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