4/02/1961: VIASA’s First Commercial Flight

Today in Aviation, Venezuelan flag carrier VIASA (VA) completed its first commercial flight hand in hand with KLM in 1961.

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Today in Aviation: KLM Given ‘Royal’ Title By Dutch Queen

Today in Aviation, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands give the yet-to-fly Dutch flag-carrier KLM its ‘Royal’ designation in 1919. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, was the brainchild of aviator Albert Plesman. Plesman had attended an aviation exhibition in Amsterdam in 1918 and started to look at ways to establish a national […]

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Bonus Flashback: Tri-Jet Twilight Inflight! Onboard one of the last MD-11’s in Passenger Service via KLM

MIAMI — Mention the words “McDonnell Douglas MD-11” to airline geeks, passengers, pilots, and airline executives and you’re likely to elicit many different reactions for this successor to the venerable Douglas DC-10 is a controversial airplane: Passengers often found the plane’s cabin very spacious and silky smooth ride very comfortable.  Airline geeks like myself still […]

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