June 29, 2022
Boeing 777-300ER

6/26/1995: Launch of the Boeing 777-300

The triple seven 300 series had to wait two more years to enter service. It was larger in range and passenger capacity than its predecessor.

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Airlines Routes

Turkish Airlines Lands in Seattle (+Photos)

Turkish Airlines (TK)became the latest in a series of major airlines to add the Seattle to its route network.

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Airchive Airlines Airports

Op-Ed on Asiana 214 From A 777 Pilot: Human And Cultural Factors – A Tragedy That Should Never Have Happened

MIAMI —Because we cannot turn back time, there is nothing we can do to save the three fatal victims of  Asian’s Boeing  777-200 ER hull operating Flight 214 from Seoul Incheon airport to San Francisco International. We, as a society,  can and will take the best care of the survivors as long as necessary. And the flight […]

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