July 1, 2022
Amsterdam-Schipol International Airport
Airports Industry

The Netherlands Limits Schiphol Airport Flights

Is Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (AMS) poised to lose its status as one of the most productive hubs in the world?

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Amsterdam Schiphol Downsizes Passenger Cap

This is the next European airport to significantly cap the number of flights this summer.

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Goodbye to KLM’s Last Boeing 747s?

KLM (KL) will make a final decision as to when its Jumbo jet operations will come to an end.

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Airports Industry

Is London Heathrow Airport Capping Passenger Numbers?

This is why London Heathrow Airport (LHR) has worked with airlines to limit the number of passengers on board flights.

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KLM Stops Boarding European Flights to Amsterdam

This is why KLM (KL) decided not to allow any more passengers to board for departure to Amsterdam (AMS) at European destinations.

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