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Today in Aviation: First Flight of the A330

MIAMI – Today in Aviation, the first version of the Airbus A330 completed its maiden flight in 1992. Two years later, it would enter service with Air Inter (Lignes Aériennes Intérieures), a semi-public French domestic airline that later merged with Air France (AF). The aircraft was followed in 1998 by the slightly shorter A330-200 version. The Airbus […]

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Farnborough: Airbus Sees Demand for 33,070 New Aircraft Over Next 20 Years

LONDON — Airbus released its 2016 Global Market Forecast (GMF) earlier today at the Farnborough Airshow, projecting demand for 33,070 new aircraft over the next 20 years representing $5 trillion in cumulative market value. That figure was about 14% less than the demand for 37,240 new airplanes projected by Boeing after netting out the 2,380 […]

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