I was extremely fortunate to attend the delivery ceremony of the world’s first Airbus A330-900neo to TAP Portugal in Toulouse. This was my first mission representing Airways, as I’m one of the latest additions to the team.

I have put together a short film to summarize the delivery ceremony of TAP’s newest aircraft:

The short film has a slight story to it. It showcases, in chronological order, what happens to an aircraft from construction to the delivery. Each sequenece has been ordered to recreate this as best as possible.

The ordinary person that’s not an Aviation Enthusiast, might not be aware of how an aircraft is made. It is a fascinating process. It’s amazing, that 115 years after the first fight, aircraft the size of the A330neo—and much bigger—are flying in our skies today.

Press was given an exclusive tour of the A330 Final Assembly Line (FAL), where each phase of construction of the A330 can be seen. I’ve been to aircraft graveyards as well, so to see aircraft getting built was quite a contrast.

Afterward, the press headed back to the delivery center, where the ceremony took place, with various speeches from Avolon, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, and TAP Portugal executives. Then, after quick dance performance, the curtains dropped to reveal the A330neo in all its glory.

I have included a lot of external shots, trying to showcase the aircraft from as many angles as possible. It is followed by cabin shots, showcasing the new AirSpace cabin, which Airbus has developed from the A350 family. Finally, the video ends in the cockpit, symbolizing the fact the next stage is the ferry flight, to TAP Portugal’s home base of Lisbon.

I feel really privileged to have been there on behalf Airways. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.