October 5, 2022
Singapore Changi’s Upcoming Grand Terminal 5

Singapore Changi’s Upcoming Grand Terminal 5

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DALLAS – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) has just revealed its upcoming Terminal 5 during the country’s Prime Minister’s National Day Rally. The whole concept of Changi’s T5 is one massive built-up area split into several sub-terminals.

“If you look at the way the airport is built, all the new parts of the airport, T5 and all this new half, in fact, we are building one more new Changi Airport. It’s huge,” states the Prime Minister of Singapore. “When completed in the mid-2030s, T5 will show the world what sort of place Singapore is,” he said.

As part of the so-called Changi East development, the 1080-hectare upcoming terminal will handle nearly 50 million passengers a year. As for the launch sequence, the project will be split into two successive phases and is expected to open to the public during the mid-2030s.

Purely aimed at serving Singapore in the long term, the country has put itself ahead in the race, aiming to secure Changi’s global hub status for decades to come.

After a daunting COVID-19 Changi has seriously considered the factor of another possible pandemic and the so-called sub terminals will be ready to be used as a quarantine, and isolation facility.

Image Changi Airport

Features of the Upcoming T5 Building

  • T5 will be a Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy Building as certified by the Building and Construction Authority.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of T5, solar panels, smart building management systems, as well as district cooling combined with thermal energy storage, will be deployed in the terminal building.
  • T5 will also be ready for viable alternative fuels including the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and for the provision of fixed ground power and cooling for aircraft parked at the gates.

Due to the pandemic, the T5 project was brought to a halt for two years but will get back on track in two years’ time. Once complete, it’s also aimed at making Changi Airport a national icon, a place where generations of Singaporeans are welcome.

T5 will be well-connected to the rest of Singapore, with a dedicated ground transportation center where passengers can access rail, bus, and other point-to-point transport services.

Featured image: Changi Airport

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