Qantas 737 Lands Safely After Inflight Emergency
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Qantas 737 Lands Safely After Inflight Emergency

DALLAS – A Qantas (QF) flight has landed safely at Sydney Airport (SYD) following the issuing of a Mayday distress call. The Boeing 737-800 (VH-XZB) was operating flight QF144 from Auckland (AKL) to SYD and was around an hour from its destination when the incident happened. 

A Qantas representative stated that the jet experienced an “issue with one of its engines,” which led to an engine shutdown whilst flying over the Tasman Sea. 

The spokesperson added that the mayday signal, which denotes a situation of extreme and impending danger, was downgraded to “Possible Assistance Needed” before landing.

Passengers Unaware

Rescue services were sent to SYD as a precaution but were stood down once the aircraft arrived. All 145 passengers disembarked normally when the plane landed at around 15:30 local time.

“While in-flight engine shutdowns are rare, and would naturally be concerning for passengers, our pilots are trained to manage them safely and aircraft are designed to fly for an extended period on one engine,” the airline said.

Reuters reported that passengers said they heard a loud bang mid-flight but did not realize there was an issue until the captain made an announcement when the plane touched down.

The airline promised to provide more details when engineers finish their investigation.

Featured Image: QF will be replacing the 737 with Airbus A220 and A320 family jets. Photo: Aidan Pullino.

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