November / December 2021

November / December 2021



This Special Issue is dedicated to Pan Am and the iconic airline 30 years on. Flying Clippers, Design and Ingenuity, and a Poignant Farewell. 


An Airline and its Flying Clippers

From props to jets: A retrospective look at Pan American’s extensive fleet from its earliest days to the last.

The Fate of the ‘Martin Boys’

The aircraft that pioneered the Pan American route across the Pacific, the Martin M-130 was nothing short of spectacular. CLAYTON TAYLOR brings us the short-lived but highly influential era of the ‘Martin Boys’.

Pan Am and the Battle for Central America

Under the leadership of Juan T. Trippe, Pan Am evolved its route network until it became a major global powerhouse. SCOTT STACHE tells the story of the airline in Central America.

Clipper 93: Terror in the Air

Captain PAUL A. LACHAPELLE recalls his life-or-death experiences onboard flight Clipper 93, a brand-new jumbo that hijackers turned into an inferno.

My Pan Am Tag Collection

JAMIE BALDWIN’s collection of Pan Am baggage tags casts a unique perspective on the airline’s extensive network.

The Death of a Grand Lady

Clipper 1022 was the last Pan Am Boeing 747 flight to land in New York. Captain JOHN MARSHALL gives us a poignant first-hand account of his final flight with the airline.


A colorfully illustrated highlight of the major news developments from North America and around the world, including new fleet changes, airlines, and paint schemes.

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