March 2023

March 2023



The so-called ‘Golden Hour’ is the perfect time to take epic shots, and serves well to illuminate this United Boeing 787-10 landing in Paine Field. 



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Southern Airways Express

Started a mere 10 years ago, this ‘small-town’ airline now has a network that sprawls across the US and the Pacific Ocean—and is ready for hybrid-electric power. MATTEO LEGNANI fills us in. 

Zipping Across the Pacific

When Japanese low-cost carrier ZIPAIR Tokyo began direct service from San Jose, California, to the Japanese capital, BEN WANG was on board. He reports on this ‘new basic airline’. 

Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah

The top official at Bahrain International Airport is overseeing the change at this ‘Boutique Airport’ in The Gulf. 

Boeing 747: Take Two On First Service

On a fateful day in 1970, it took a second plane to launch the iconic jumbo jet for its first commercial flight. ED DAVIES tells the tale. From our January 2010 issue. 

Veterans Air Express

When World War II ended, a plucky veteran assembled an airline that hired about 100 ex-military aviation personnel. Though short-lived, the venture lives on in the fond remembrances and research of his daughter, writer GAYE LYN GRAVELY. 

David Lusk: A Life in Commercial Aviation

David Lusk wasn’t a celebrated hero of the air industry. But he had a career that makes a son proud. BRIAN LUSK explains. 


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