March 2022

March 2022



Chrono Aviation Boeing 737-200 can carry passengers or various combinations of passengers and cargo. The airlines is able to take off from and land from unpaved runway gravel strips, thanks to its special gravel kits fitted.

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XX Chrono Aviation


From the Canadian Arctic comes the story of Chrono, an ebony-skinned charter carrier. From LIAM FUNNELL.

XX Tegucigalpa Airport

SCOTT STACHE takes us to the old, historyrich Tegucigalpa Airport, one of aviation’s most challenging destinations that is now closed to international traffic.

XX Air North

The adventurous MICHAEL SLATTERY chases down the Northern Lights in a Boeing 737-500.

XX The Boeing 757 Turns 40

From the drawing board to the boarding gate to the skies: KENDRICK DLIMA recounts the triumphant story of the Boeing 757.

XX Eastern Air Lines in the 1960s

DAVID H. STRINGER travels back to the remarkable decade when Eastern Air Lines was ‘Number One to the sun’.

XX Going Boeing

Pilot ERIC AUXIER shares what it’s like to transition from the Airbus A321 to the Boeing 777.

A colorfully illustrated highlight of the major news developments from North America and around the world, including new fleet changes, airlines, and paint schemes.

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