January / February 2022

January / February 2022



C-FDTD completes a low pass over the Saint-Hubert airport during its first flight since its restoration, while also making a celebratory moment for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 


XX Andes

RAFAEL RECA features Andes, an Argentinian charter specialized not only in charter flights, but also in coping with the recent sudden changes in the air travel business. 

XX Flying High in Ecuador

Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport is not only Ecuador’s main airport, but also a major air freight center and a paradise for aviation photographers. RAFAEL RECA tells its story.

XX Plane Savers

Built to serve in World War II, and resurrected to fly 75 years after D-Day. LIAM FUNNELL recounts the epic history of C-FDTD, a Douglas DC-3, and of the people behind its restoration.

XX Airways Interview: Mikey McBryan

LIAM FUNNELL interviews MIKEY McBRYAN, who shares his thoughts about C-FDTD and what it took to bring a DC-3 back to life.

XX Inside Breeze’s Airbus A220-300

Breeze Airways is set to become the world’s largest Airbus A220-300 operator, with 80 of the type on order. KOCHAN KLEPS was in Mobile, Alabama, taking a look at the first of them.

XX Third Level Dreams

How did airline entrepreneurs hope to make big bucks with small airplanes? DAVID H. STRINGER narrates the story of these small, independent US commute airlines.

A colorfully illustrated highlight of the major news developments from North America and around the world, including new fleet changes, airlines, and paint schemes.

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