December 2022

December 2022



The night settles in, and Milan Malpensa Airport lights serve as a dramatic background for our cover.

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Malpensa 2035 and Beyond

Northern Italy’s main international airport is getting more than a facelift. MATTEO LEGNANI on the expansion plans of Milan Malpensa Airport. 

The Best-Dressed Christmas Airports

The Christmas season is a busy time for airports, but it’s also when they show off their best attire. NOAH ALLEN lists his choice of the nicest holiday-ornamented airports worldwide. 

Alice in the (Eviation) Wonderland 

Years of plans and battles against headwinds finally came to fruition on a late September morning. ROBERTO LEIRO looks at Eviation’s Alice electric airplane—new technology seeking to prove that battery power can get off the ground. 


The history of Honduras’ long-gone national airline, is richly described by SCOTT STACHE. 

A DC-9 Galley, of Course

TONY VASKO with a personal account of the complexities linked to buying a second-hand airliner. 


A colorfully illustrated highlight of the major news developments from North America and around the world, including new fleet changes, airlines, and paint schemes.

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