April 2022

April 2022



Inspired by the unimpeded Alberta winter snow and wind, the distinctive Edmonton International Airport’s control tower dominated the cover of our 300th issue. Designed to fit naturally, the building reminds us why YEG is a masterclass in winter operations. 

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XX Key Lime Air

With a fleet of Fairchild Metroliners that attracts aviation enthusiasts from all over, Key Lime Air is a Denver-based airline that flies mainly to modest American cities that do not get much air traffic. We fly with KENDRICK DLIMA to one of those places: Alliance, Nebraska. 

XX Edmonton International Airport

LIAM FUNNELL shows how Edmonton International Airport handles the challenges of cold Canadian winters. 

XX Spanish Charter Airlines

The rise, expansion, and fall of Spanish charter airlines in the 1990s. From JAVIER RODRIGUEZ. 

XX Airways Interview

Basil Khalil, Vice President of Operations for Latin America and the Caribbean, FedEx, tells BRENT FOSTER about the company’s big new facilities at Miami International Airport. 

XX Air France Post WWII

Air France was nearly a fatality of World War II. Instead, the French flag carrier grew rapidly after the war into the self-proclaimed “world’s largest airline.” DAVID H. STRINGER shows how. 

XX A Rocky Road

Pilot TOM LIVESEY shares the ups and downs of a long-flying career. 

A colorfully illustrated highlight of the major news developments from North America and around the world, including new fleet changes, airlines, and paint schemes.

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