MIAMI — After a two-year break, The Airways Podcast is back! On Season 3, Rohan Anand and Vinay Bhaskara welcome Enrique Perrella as the third host of the show.

Enrique, the Publisher & Editor in Chief of Airways Magazine, also joins in the production team of The Airways Podcast, bringing in numerous guests from the industry to be featured in this season’s interview segment.

“I’m tremendously excited to join Vinay and Rohan on this season’s podcast,” says Perrella. “I’ve had the blessing of going planespotting with Rohan in London and covering airshows with Vinay. But sharing this space with them to analyze the industry and have the opportunity to interview airline executives will definitely be one of the highlights of my career,” says Perrella.

“I’m also thrilled to re-launch The Airways Podcast and bring Enrique as our third co-host,” says Vinay Bhaskara. “We had to step away from the podcast for two years due to various other commitments. I couldn’t be more excited to bring the show back for all of our listeners and readers.”

This new season’s shows will be edited and cured by a new team member, Jeffry Nova—a professional radio veteran who’s taking The Airways Podcast to a new level of quality.

“We knew that the one thing that we lacked in the previous two seasons was audio and production quality. We also knew that to launch this third season, an upgrade to our talkfest was needed. Jeffry Nova is a spectacular editor with very impressive skills—we sure hope it will be evident as soon as our listeners tune in to the inaugural episode this Sunday,” Perrella said.

“We are the same old family with a new set of tricks and jokes,” says Rohan Anand. “Because you all asked for it, we’re here to deliver this bi-monthly show filled with lots of aviation analysis, data, and commentary.”

In this first episode, The Airways Podcast kicks off with an exclusive interview with David Neeleman, who tells Chris Sloan, Airways Managing Editor, the tentative launch date of his new startup, code-named Moxy. Neeleman, who also contributed to the 25th Anniversary issue of Airways, is featured in this episode’s interview segment, which will be the highlight of every installment of this season.

In addition to each episode’s interview, the first segment will feature the industry’s top headlines. Rohan, Vinay, and Enrique will carry on analyzing three topics drawn from the headlines, offering unique insights, also enhanced by production bonuses that will round-up the episode in a compelling fashion.

The three topics that will be featured and analyzed by the hosts in this first episode are:

  • Boeing mothballs the launching of the 777-8X.
  • Cathay Pacific changes its top management.
  • Tokyo-Narita gives way to Haneda as the prime airport for US carriers.

The Airways Podcast is scheduled to go on air every first and fifteenth day of the month. The first episode will be released tonight at midnight, followed by the second episode on Sunday, September 15.

The show will be available for download on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Libsyn, YouTube, GooglePlay, and Android.

Tune in, The Airways Podcast is here!