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The 48th episode starts off with our hosts discussing the importance and threat of the current Coronavirus outbreak, which is causing endless trouble on the worldwide commercial aviation scene.


Rohan’s trip to India ignites Vinay’s fears, diving into an initial discussion that will carry on into our next episode with invited experts from Asia. Stay tuned!

Our first analysis segment in this episode features Vinay and Rohan chatting about David Neeleman’s newest airline startup, Breeze Airways. Is this airline set on a successful business plan?

Neeleman, who successfully launched and developed Morris Air, WestJet, JetBlue, Azul, and transformed TAP Portugal into a healthy carrier, is now re-entering the highly competitive US market with an all-new low-cost carrier.

Breeze’s initial markets will be mid-size city pairs that currently have no nonstop service, all served with low-fare, high-quality nonstop flights that will bring “new consumer technology innovations, according to Neeleman.

Secondly, this episode features a long interview with Airways Senior Correspondent, Chris Sloan, who witnessed the first flight of the Boeing 777-X.

Photo: Brandon Farris

In his long conversation with Rohan, Sloan dives into the event’s behind-the-scenes and analyzes Boeing’s current and future strategy to put this aircraft in service.

Lastly, our hosts discuss the goods and the bads from the commercial aviation scene and conclude this episode with a few personal remarks on the Coronavirus trending topic.

Tune in, The Airways Podcast is here!