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The third episode of Season 3 kicks off with Rohan, Vinay, and Enrique analyzing the most relevant headlines in the commercial aviation industry.

In this episode, we welcome the Founder and CEO of Volaris, Enrique Beltraena. Together with Indigo Partners in the US, Beltraena has managed to outgrow its competitors and become the country’s largest domestic airline by passengers transported. 

Enrique Beltraena tells Airways some interesting facts about Mexico’s domestic low-cost carrier industry and how his airline plans to continue growing despite the fact that the country’s new government has decided to cancel the construction of Mexico City’s new airport.

In addition to this episode’s interview, our three hosts also analyze the two following topics:

  • Thomas Cook Shuts Down.
  • The new Mexico City International Airport is canceled. 

Tune in, The Airways Podcast is here!