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The 49th episode launches with our hosts recapping on Rohan’s recent trip to India and Vinay’s fears that the Coronavirus will cause major disruption in the US commercial aviation industry.

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To analyze further, Airways welcomes Will Horton, a renowned airline analyst based in Hong Kong—close to the epicenter of the first Coronavirus spread, and home to Cathay Pacific, one of the airlines that has suffered the most.

Horton, who’s worked for Flightglobal and CAPA, now contributes regularly to Forbes as a Senior Contributor. He provides some interesting takes on the COVID-19’s effects on the Asia-Pacific commercial aviation industry, as well as the recent dramatic reduction of travel in Europe and the United States.

To conclude this episode, our hosts share the goods and the bads from the commercial aviation scene, even though the negatives are much more prominent than the positives around the globe.

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