747-8F First Flight K64878-48_FA252597

DALLAS & BOSTON – Your Airways Podcast duo continue their coverage of the Q4 and FY 2016 earnings reports for American Airlines (2:25), Southwest Airlines (18:42) and JetBlue (28:18). Extending beyond the usual humdrum of strong earnings, the pair analyze and dissect attributes unique to each airline, and baseline them against broader trends in the industry, to create their interpretation of revenue forecasts, Wall Street reactions, and potential customer perceptions.

For the route gurus, Vinay and R infused the normal Network Beat segment into the main episode, conducting rapid fire commentary on new route developments (36:10) like Air India to Washington, Finnair’s A340 retirement, Aer Lingus to Las Vegas, Frontier’s growth in Cincinnati and Cleveland, and more. Bonus points for anyone who gets the titular reference (let us know in the comments below).

To recap, the idea behind this podcast is to do a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.

This is not a news podcast (in fact, almost everything we cover will have been written about on the site by the time we discuss it), but rather one focused on in-depth analysis and assessment.

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