LONDON – Amazing thanks to everyone that submitted their photos this week to us at Airways Magazine as part of our brand new weekly series.

If you want to send any submissions, then email me at for a chance to be featured on the site.

So without further ado, lets get into it…

#5 – Chris Ianno

The number five spot goes to Chris Ianno with this awesome shot of a FedEx MD-11.

On April 30th, Flight 9736 pictured here, originating in Shanghai, arrived from Anchorage to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire.

It was carrying more than 110,000 pounds of personal protective gear (PPE) (including 4.5 million masks) for medical workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

#4 – David Gutmann

Number four goes to David Gutmann (Instagram: @osloplanespotter) with this picture of a Qatar Airways Airbus A330 seen departing Oslo-Gardermoen with the runway lights well-shaped into the shot.

#3 – Christian Winter

Number three goes to Christian Winter with this shot that he took in Sydney in November last year.

The Qantas 747-400 was seen here being tugged to stand. Great shot Christian!

#2 – Ashley Askew

Our runner up goes to Ashley Askew with this awesome night shot of a Southwest Boeing 737.

N955WN, “Arizona One” of Southwest Airlines, is seen preparing to depart Atlanta on a busy January evening.

Just three months later, this departure traffic flow would show a completely different story, as the airport would later experience COVID-19-related fleet groundings and cancellations.

#1 – Jochen Schiermeyer

A big congratulations to this week’s winner, Jochen Schiermeyer (Instagram: @CGNJets).

The South African Airways Airbus A350 was seen here on stand at Frankfurt am Main Airport in Germany.

It was the awesome water reflection with the moody and cloudy environment in the background which made this week’s winner deserving of the number one spot.

That is it for this week folks! Thanks so much for entering into this weekly feature and if you want a chance to be featured, be sure to email me (!