MIAMI – American officials are aiming for travel between London and New York City with shortened quarantine periods for travelers by the winter holiday season.

American citizens currently traveling to the United Kingdom must quarantine for 14 days while facing limited travel to the European Union. The United States. only allows permanent residents of US citizens to enter from the UK.

Both the American government along with those of the UK and even EU countries including Germany are working, as a Homeland Security official put it, to “safely encourage trans-Atlantic travel while mitigating public-health risks.”

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Negotiation Ahead

While it is hoped that negotiations will continue successfully as plans are being made for passengers to receive COVID-19 testing both before their flight and upon arrival at their destination, European officials are still worried about the uptick in infections in the US with 56,000 new cases reported on Thursday.

UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps earlier this week said that a task force would study potential airport spreading and the role it could play in mitigating the COVID-19 threat.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) even outlined plans for a “Coronavirus Passport” ensuring the safety of passengers passing through the airport.

A route once subject to blistering demand and competition, with now-struggling airlines including Norwegian Air (DY) once fighting overflights between New York City and London, can hopefully begin a process of revival with enhanced testing.

Featured image: American Airlines (AA) Boeing 777-300ER. Photo: Luca Flores