Of all the recent technological developments to open up with air travel, few are as advantageous as the increasingly standard wifi connections.

Now available over a wide range of flights including those long-hauls from British Airways, these systems have opened up enormous potential on both the personal and professional level.

So, how might you get the most out of this connectivity?


Traveling for business is a necessity for many and, while the now ubiquity of wifi at airports has been a significant help for business work, the addition to this connectivity on flights raises this bar considerably.

The most direct manner in which we have drawn advantages here comes from simple email correspondence.

Bye Bye Turkey- on the flight back to Du” (CC BY 2.0) by shankar s.

Waiting to get back to the airport and seeing a pile of emails lined up is a major pain but, with just a mobile device, this problem can be eliminated and you can address many issues as they arrive.

This is also the case for more involved work such as writing, though in that case, we would recommend a device like a laptop over a smartphone due to the increased ease of access and capabilities.

Casino Gaming and Entertainment

Getting placed in an uncomfortable seat or next to some particularly loud or unpleasant passengers can drag a flight out longer than we think possible. On this front, we would recommend an engaging course of action to fill the time.

There are many engaging forms of games available here, though our personal favorites come in the form of online casino games. These are great for new players too, as there are bonuses like free spins often available over many websites and hundreds of slots to give players a guided entry into this world.

Discover more here if you want to take a closer look at what some of the bigger websites like Royal Vegas have to offer, with enough games to keep players engaged on even the longest flights. Poker has proven especially popular on extended trips and works perfectly well on mobiles.

Family Entertainment

The other branch of this comes from family entertainment. Traveling with children is stressful enough in itself and, when they get bored or restless, this stress can easily multiply. Again, through the use of mobile and laptop wifi connections, this problem can be mitigated or avoided completely.

Gaming websites like Kongregate offer games that require little in the way of bandwidth, and which are suitable for play for hours at a time.

VPN Green” (CC BY 2.0) by Infosec Images

The same can said for many from the iOS and Google Play stores, so it can be a good idea to check ahead and get some of these installed before the flight itself.

It is important to note that, while many flights will now include wifi as part of the package, connectivity to certain websites can still be an issue.

To avoid this, be sure to first obtain a VPN app or program on your device of choice.

These can be free and effectively act as workarounds to the overzealous blocks which are placed on many online connections.

Keep all of the above in mind and your next flight is practically guaranteed to be a smoother experience for it. Just keep in mind that we don’t mean this literally, as we can’t make any promises there.