Coverage by Chris Sloan

PARIS — ATR Aircraft has secured so far the largest order of the Paris Air Show when leasing firm Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) has placed an order for up to 105 aircraft.

The order is broken down into a Letter of Intent for 35 ATR-600s, 35 for purchase rights and an additional 35 for options.

As mentioned by ATR, “the deal represents a seal of long-term confidence” into the aircraft.

The 35 aircraft subscribed under the letter of intent have slotted deliveries between 2020 and 2025.

This deal is currently valued at just over USD$2 billion, and is a lifeline to the company’s production line in Toulouse.

Commenting on the deal was NAC Chairman Martin Møller, who expressed that ATR aircraft are needed for long-term survivability.

“To plan for a successful future, it is vital for us to invest in the very best technology, so that we can offer flexible and efficient solutions to our clients.”

“Aviation is moving towards a sustainable future and with this 100+ aircraft deal, we are making a strategic decision to ensure that airlines can lease and operate the most modern and eco-responsible regional aircraft available in the market.”

Stefano Bortoli, the CEO of ATR also commented on this historic deal, crediting NAC for its “forward-looking vision”.

“It is a smart business move from NAC and one very much in line with the trends in regional aviation to connect communities and develop businesses across the globe in the most responsible and cost efficient way.”

“To receive this order from the leading lessor in our segment validates the value creation and quality of our product and its sustainable credentials and shows the efficiency of turboprop technology going forward. This deal clearly shows where the trend in regional aircraft is going.”

NAC currently serves 76 airline customers across 51 countries, with some including British Airways, Air Canada, LOT, Azul, and Lufthansa.

This is good news for ATR and will be looking to consolidate this success into more orders down the line.

With the extensive relationship between the two sides, it will only be a matter of time before more orders are confirmed as we pass the many airshows to come.