Coverage by Chris Sloan

PARIS – Delta Air Lines has placed an additional order for five Airbus A220-100s at the Paris Air Show this week.

With the order book the carrier has already for the aircraft type, it comes to 95, consisting of 45 A220-100s and 50 -300s.

The new aircraft will also have the extended maximum take-off weight which was announced by Airbus back in May.

This new MTOW will increase range by 450 nautical miles to 3,400 nautical miles for the -100 and 3,350 nautical miles for the -300.

This expressed confidence into this aircraft started in 2016 when the airline became the launch customer, ordering 75 in that year before ordering an additional 15 back in December of last year.

With this into consideration, the A220 program as a whole has received 55 orders at the show this week, which is 15 shy of the A321XLR, one of Airbus’ newest projects.

The other order for the A220 came from Air Lease Corporation, who signed a Letter of Intent yesterday for 50 A220-300s, offering further strength onto the production line for the programme.

With the A220 only just being in Airbus’ majority control, it has managed to market this aircraft very well.

Across the board, aircraft seem to be selling well, with more customers repeating business with the manufacturer.

With these sorts of numbers being achieved halfway through the trading show, it is now becoming unclear how many more orders are to be announced by Airbus.

As expected, it has been a very strong week for them across the board from the A320neo up to the A330neo.

However, some orders towards the likes of the A350 will be needed in order to make it even more of a collective success.

Other than that, in the single-aisle market, Airbus is thriving, and the orders received for the A220 are a testament to that currently.

This will enable further penetration into the market against the likes of Boeing, whos order success has stemmed mainly from the widebody categories.

It will be interesting to see whether Boeing will have anything up its sleeves in order to catch up on order numbers.