Image courtesy: Mitsubishi

LONDON – Ahead of the Paris Air Show 2019 Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation officially announced its newly named Mitsubishi SpaceJet family of aircraft.

The SpaceJet will be the commercially recognised name for the Japanese aircraft manufacturer which includes the SpaceJet M75, M90 (previously known under the developmental designation of MRJ90) along with a new additional member, the larger SpaceJet M100, will introduce a new standard in regional air travel.

The Mitsubishi SpaceJet family of aircraft is designed to address the growing demand in the ever-expanding regional jet market by striving to deliver an aircraft designed to provide the ultimate standard in comfort for passengers and provide unmatched aircraft performance with the potential to generate more profit for airlines.

The newly named Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90

Commenting ahead of the Paris Air Show 2019 on the naming of its SpaceJet family, Hisakazu Mizutani, President of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation said:

“The Mitsubishi SpaceJet family represents our plan to redefine the business of regional air travel.”

“This is a commercial segment where we see great opportunity. As we prepare for entry-into-service for the SpaceJet M90, we are also announcing the SpaceJet M100 – the result of our research and development during the past few years and the answer to the regional market’s current and future needs.”

“These products mark our dedication to a segment in desperate need of change that will allow airlines to enhance the satisfaction of their passengers and significantly improve their business performance.”

In preparation to deliver the first SpaceJet M90 in 2020, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has taken the necessary steps to significantly enhance its commercial aircraft capabilities over the past several years.

The company has worked very closely with governmental partners to establish a certification system for Japan and has already begun type certification flight testing in Moses Lake, Washington, U.S. with both the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has continued to grow key functions including customer support, sales, marketing which will prove instrumental for a smooth entry into service.

On May 10th of this year, the company opened a new U.S. headquarters in Renton, Washington.

This positions the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family to gain a foothold in the regional aircraft market and further build on the foundations for a healthy, globally competitive aerospace industry in Japan.

ANA All Nippon Airways is due to become the launch customer of the SpaceJet M90 with delivery now scheduled for mid-2020.

ANA All Nippon Airways is due to become the launch customer of the SpaceJet M90 with delivery now scheduled for mid-2020.

The larger variant SpaceJet M100 offers a more spacious and comfortable cabin in its bid to enhance the overall passenger experience.

This aircraft will be targetting a double-digit performance increase. With Mitsubishi keen to prove that the SpaceJet will have the lowest operating cost of any aircraft in its class.

The M100 features one of the widest and tallest cabins of aircraft in its class, the roomiest economy seat along with even more overhead bin capacity. Enabling a one roller bag per passenger, eliminating the need for gate-check.

Its cabin will feature all of the latest technologies and amenities, both improving passenger experience and creating more opportunity for ancillary revenue generation for airlines.

Regional Market Rivals…

As one of the worlds largest air shows, Paris will no doubt take centre stage as rivals Airbus and Embraer continue to take full advantage of the regional market with their variants of the A220 and the re-engined E190 E2, with both aircraft proving very successful following their entry into service.

Mitsubishi Aircraft will be keen to secure much-needed orders, in the regional market, for its SpaceJet series as the type nears certification with entry into service soon to follow.

However despite this, the Mitsubishi SpaceJet is still years behind schedule, and despite having made its first flight in November 2015 is still yet to fly its first fare-paying passenger.

With a total of 213 SpaceJet, M90s ordered, along with 194 options, by airlines and leasing companies, Mitsubishi will be keen to prove the aircraft’s economic and operational benefits as soon as entry into service is possible.