PARIS – On Monday at the 52nd Paris Air Show, Airbus announced they will be carrying over the popular and dramatic Airspace cabin interior to the A320neo family aircraft. The catch is that planes won’t be delivered with the new interior until 2020.

Credit: Paul Thompson
Airbus SVP Marketing, Francois Caudron. Credit: Paul Thompson

At the media briefing, the Airbus SVP Marketing, Francois Caudron, along with the VP Cabin Marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer, shared the details of the new cabin, which is a huge step toward catching up with the beauty of Boeing’s Sky Interior, launched over ten years ago.

Caudron began the briefing by saying that buying a plane is compared to buying a home:

“When you buy an apartment, you can bring the best furniture in the world, but it will still remain a poor apartment if it feels like the rooms are too small or poorly arranged. Airspace is about bringing the best of the Airbus brand. Airspace has some special things in designs, to the point that we have won two awards. It’s about ambiance, comfort, services and eventually design.”

“Now we are deploying the Airspace cabin onto the A320 family,” said Caudron. “As a passenger, when you fly, you [may] do a long-haul wide-body flight, then connect to a single aisle aircraft. You want a consistent experience as a passenger, and also a consistent product as an airline.”

Wuggetzer:  “Our brand is built on a DNA that goes way beyond design, delivering value and comfort for passengers and airlines. We have delivered wider seats and space solutions like Cabin Flex.”

He continued, describing the elemental changes in the future A320neo Airspace cabin: “Imagine where we can take you,” said Wuggetzer. “Airspace creates a unique welcome that you never forget or can’t wait to see again.”

Airspace will use the latest customizable LED lighting technologies including 16.4 million colors allowing for endless scenarios for unique welcomes and experiences.

Airbus A320neo with Airspace lighting and bins rendering, courtesy of Airbus.

Airspace’s biggest asset is its new overhead bins; the largest to be found on a mid-range single-aisle aircraft. They’re not a pivot bin, but a more traditional bin with a top-hinged door that opens toward the aisle.

The bins will hold bags that measure up to 24 x 16 x 10 inches, placed on their sides. This gives the plane 40% more bin volume, and the capability to hold 60% more bags, according to Airbus. The bins will see the light of day a little before the rest of the Airspace features, starting in 2019.

A320neo with Airspace rendering, courtesy of Airbus.

As for the plane’s sidewalls, they’ll look the same (slightly thinner) as the A350, giving the passengers at the window seat just a bit more shoulder room.

Airspace will also bring a modular in-flight entertainment platform to the A320neo family, offering everything from traditional overhead screens to video streaming on passengers’ personal devices, and seat-back screens with available video on demand (AVOD).

The plane’s lavatories will also receive some notable upgrades, with ambient sound and lighting, an aroma dispenser,  touchless faucets, toilet flushing mechanisms, and antibacterial surfaces.

Airbus says they will present a mockup of the A320 Airspace design at the Airline Passenger Experience Expo (APEX) this September, in Long Beach, California.