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High Flyer Interview: American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

MIAMI — American Airlines Group CEO Doug Parker has both witnessed, and led, tremendous change in the aviation industry. He became CEO at America West Airlines just ten days before September 11, 2001 and, by all accounts, led the carrier through the crisis

“Airways Magazine” Changes Ownership and Joins Far-Reaching Alliance with Airchive

Dear Readers of Airchive, I remember it like it was yesterday: Twenty years ago I was in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hobby shop with my best friend, oddly enough on the day of his wedding. To take our minds off the

Inside United Airlines Network Operations Control

MIAMI — As the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size (nearly 700 mainline aircraft), number of destinations (360 airports across 6 continents), and revenue miles per passenger (RPK’s) United Airlines is no stranger to mind-blowing superlatives. The airline

British Airways Completes True Long-Haul Inaugural Airbus A380 Service

LOS ANGELES — British Airways has completed the inaugural of its first Airbus A380 service on its so called “Red Carpet Route” between Los Angeles and London Heathrow. Flight 269 departed LHR on Tuesday September 24th right on time at 4:15pm

The Airbus A350 XWB: Being There At The Maiden Flight

TOULOUSE — The first half of 2013 and has certainly been a busy year in the annals of commercial aviation. In January the worldwide fleet of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was grounded; not taking to the skies again until May.

Bonus Flashback: Tri-Jet Twilight Inflight! Onboard one of the last MD-11’s in Passenger Service via KLM

MIAMI — Mention the words “McDonnell Douglas MD-11” to airline geeks, passengers, pilots, and airline executives and you’re likely to elicit many different reactions for this successor to the venerable Douglas DC-10 is a controversial airplane: Passengers often found the

Kenya Airways Restarts Flights to Bangkok

On November 21, Kenyan flag carrier Kenya Airways resumed flights between Nairobi and Bangkok.

LATAM to Operate Over 137,000 Flights During Peak Season

LATAM Group announced this week that it will have more than 137,000 flights for the high season.

Airbus Airports

Airports with the Highest Number of A380 Destinations

The Airbus A380 has not just elevated the standards of long-haul travel; it has also positioned certain airports as epicenters of Superjumbo operations.

Unveiling Airport Growth in East Asia and Beyond

As the aviation industry charts a course toward recovery, the final quarter of 2023 unveils a compelling narrative of airport growth and resurgence.

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