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This is How Russia Wants to Save Its Aviation Sector

As western sanctions have siloed Russian aviation, the Kremlin is preparing an air offensive on two fronts.

Airbus 2022 Half Year Orders, Deliveries

This is how the world's largest aircraft manufacturer is faring in terms of orders and deliveries at the half-year mark.

From Russia to Bermuda: “Deregister Russian Aircraft”

Article 18 of the Chicago Convention states that “An aircraft cannot be validly registered in more than one State...” 

ICAO: Russian Air Safety Risks Red Flag Listing

This is why ICAO could include Russia in the list of countries with officially declared problems with in-flight safety.

Air India Close to Acquiring Widebody Airbus 350s

The A350 is expected to cater to Air India (AI) routes in North America and Australia owing to its long-range capabilities. 

Airbus Reports Year-to-date Deliveries to 58 Customers

This is the total number of Airbus orders and deliveries so far this year. plus the rundown of May 2022 stats.

Russia Extends Airport Flight Ban amid Ukraine Invasion

This is why Rosaviatsiya has once again expanded the flight ban to many airports in central and southern Russia.

China Closes Airspace to Russian Airbus, Boeing Aircraft

Find out why China is prohibiting some Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft from flying through its territory.

Russian Outbound Tourism Collapses amid Ukraine Invasion

Russian outbound tourism has declined as a result of Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

December 2017

The retirement of the iconic Jumbolino is an event that deserves to be in the spotlight. This aircraft features super large flaps and spoilers, but the complex split air brake that’s mounted on its tail cone is what makes it

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