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Airways Top 10 Largest Passenger Aircraft

Airways ranks the top ten largest passenger planes still in service today.

9/02/1998: Maiden Flight of the Boeing 717

This is the story of the Boeing 717, which took to the skies for the first time from Long Beach, California in 1998.

09/01/1999: Aviaco Is Fully Absorbed into Iberia

Today in Aviation, Aviación y Comercio, better known as Aviaco (AO), was fully absorbed into Iberia's (IB) operation in 1999.

8/29/1970: The Iconic DC-10 Takes to the Skies

The iconic trijet DC-10 took to the skies for the first time in 1970.

8/24/1986: Frontier Airlines Ceased Operations

The original Frontier Airlines (FL) served over 87 million passengers during its existence.

8/21/1985: Sir Freddie Laker-British Airways US$8m Settlement

Today in Aviation, Sir Freddie Laker accepts a US$8m out-of-court settlement from British Airways (BA) in 1985.

7/20/2006: Varig Airlines Ceases Operations

VARIG Airlines (RG) can trace its history back to 1927 when the airline was founded by German aviator Otto Ernst Meyer-Labastille.

Japan Airlines to Expand to Doha from Tokyo

Japan Airlines the flag carrier of Japan, recently revealed its plans for expansion to Doha Hamad Airport.

7/15/1958: Ghana Airways Commences Operations

The airline had been founded earlier that month to take over the services of West African Airways Corporation (WT).

6/17/1929: Delta Air Service Maiden Flight

Delta Air Line's (DL) history begins with a crop-dusting adventure in the US and Peru.

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