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When Pepsi Flew Supersonic

How about if Pepsi flew supersonic across the globe? Well, the comercial stunt at Mach 1.7 happened in 1996.

American Airlines Orders 20 Overture Supersonic Aircraft

American Airlines (AA) has announced plans to purchase up to 60 Boom Supersonic Overture airplanes.

Boeing’s Supersonic Dreams

Boeing has toyed with the idea of a supersonic airliner since the 1960s but its plans remain on the drawing board.

Air France Returns to New York’s Newark Liberty this Winter

This winter, Air France (AF) will resume nonstop, daily service from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Newark Liberty (EWR).

Domestic Duties: The Story of BA’s Shuttle Service

While the 'air shuttle' concept had become a staple of US aviation, BA's introduction of the concept to its UK domestic routes was a European first.

This Is the World’s Fastest Passenger Jet

Is this Bombardier's masterpiece? Say hello to the fastest passenger jet since Concorde.

Easy Come, Easy Go: The History of Go Fly

When the low-cost revolution began in the UK and Europe in the late 1990s, legacy carriers such as British Airways (BA) were slow to react.

Folded Wings: the Last Douglas DC-10 Passenger Flight

Experience the McDonnell Douglas DC-10's last passenger flight after nearly forty-three years of service.

May 2022

As Oklahoma boomed, almost a century ago, Braniff was born. DAVID H. STRINGER takes us back to track the airline’s growth from a modest few routes to a vast network stretching far into Latin America; and ED DAVIES on Braniff

July / August 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, airlines are speeding up the retirement of its older fleets. Delta Air Lines (DL) has bid a discreet farewell to its MD-88s and MD-90s, which served the airline for decades. The end of the type

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