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Heathrow Welcomes First New UK Airline in 28 Years

Glasglow-based Loganair (LM) has been given lucrative take-off and landing slots at London Heathrow Airport.

Air Serbia Announces New China Route

Air Serbia (JU) has announced a new route to Tianjin (TSN), China, after record-breaking financial results buoyed the airline.

11/05/1991: Russian Carrier Transaero Begins Operations

This is the story of Transaero, Russia's first privately owned airline, which began operations today in 1991.

10/21/1966: Maiden Flight of the Yak-40

The prototype of the Yakovlev trijet Yak-40 took to the air for the first time today in 1966. It would be produced until 1981.

Worldwide Airline Cooperation: How does it work?

We take a look at three different global airline cooperation strategies that have influenced the industry over the years.

Russian Air Crews Could Be Signed Up To Army

The conscription notice has the potential of taking between 50 and 80% of the country's aviation workforce.

Demand Surges for Flights from Russia

Large numbers of draft-age Russians have rushed to book tickets to leave by any means possible.

Russian Airlines Face Ticket Restrictions amid Partial Mobilization

Russian airlines are prohibited from selling tickets to males between the ages of 18 and 65.  

Russian Fleets Being Dismantled for Spares

The Russian aviation industry is entering a new era. Amid sanctions, this is how it plans to keep its Western-built fleets flying.

25 Russian Airlines’ Airbus Jets Added to US Export Violation List

The U.S. Commerce Department adds 25 Airbus jets flown by Russian airlines to its list of suspected export violators.

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