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Looking Ahead to the Farnborough Airshow

Here are the aircraft and possible orders for aircraft manufacturers we expect to see at the Farnborough Airshow 2022.

7/04/1976: A Look into the ‘Flying Colors of the United States’ 

In 1976, Braniff International Airways (BN) launched Alexander Calder’s ‘Flying Colors of the United States’ depicted on a Boeing 727-200.

From Russia to Bermuda: “Deregister Russian Aircraft”

Article 18 of the Chicago Convention states that “An aircraft cannot be validly registered in more than one State...” 

Norse Atlantic UK Applies for US Foreign Air Carrier Permit

This is where Norse Atlantic's (N0) US foreign air carrier permit will allow the UK subsidiary to operate to/from.

LATAM to Make Falkland Islands Return

The reinstatement of the Falklands Islands service comes as LATAM (LA) operations are 74% of those in June 2019.

When Do Pilots Get to Go Home?

This is when commercial pilots usually get to go home after a handful of flights.

June 2022

It’s boom times in the Canadian aviation market in which new startups come to play, and airlines find ways to adapt to ever-changing economic scenarios. 

Virgin Atlantic Halts Return to Cuba

Why has Virgin Atlantic (VS) suspended its November 2022 return to Cuba?

Virgin Atlantic Returns to Cape Town

Find out when the much-anticipated Virgin Atlantic (VS) service to Cape Town, South Africa, will resume.

Horizon Air, Aircraft Technicians Ratify New Contract

AMFA has ratified a new two-year contract with Horizon Air (QX) aircraft mechanics and fleet service agents.

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