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Aviation Pioneers: Marcel Bloch-Dassault

This is the story of French aviation pioneer, Marcel Bloch-Dassault, who became active in the aeronautical world in 1931.

12/26/1982: Maiden Flight of the Antonov An-124

On this day in 1982, the Russian four-engined strategic airlift aircraft developed by the Antonov design bureau in the Ukrainian SSR took to the skies for the first time.

El Al Offers to Buy Dreamliner Built for Another Customer

The Israeli flag carrier has 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in its fleet and has an additional one on the way. It wants a second.

Heathrow’s Biggest Operators Limit Ticket Sales on Strike Days

Despite the UK Government stating it has "robust plans" to minimise delays to passengers on strike days, Heathrow's two biggest operators are taking no chances.

12/17/1903: The Wright Brothers’ First Sustained Powered Flight

Where it all began, on this day in 1903, the Wright brothers made their historic first sustained powered flight.

12/16/2009: Flyglobespan Goes Belly up

FlyGlobespan was a Scottish low-cost carrier that expanded its network to include long-haul transatlantic services from several UK airports.

Lufthansa to End 2022 Strong, Raises Profit Forecast

Strong demand for air travel has raised passenger earnings for the Lufthansa Group above pre-pandemic levels.

Virgin Atlantic Unhappy With Heathrow Price Cap

In the latest spat with Heathrow Airport, Virgin boss Shai Weiss has said that the price cap only has the interests of the "monopolistic airport" in mind.

Pilots Call on Brussels to Accelerate Single European Sky

The result of having a fragmented EU airspace is that it is more difficult to draw direct routes between cities.

UK Start-Up Fly Atlantic Announces its First Base

The UK's newest airline Fly Atlantic has bold ambitions and has named Belfast International (BFS) as its first base.

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