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Lufthansa Cargo To Expand Worldwide Network

Lufthansa Cargo is announcing further expansion on its worldwide network, focusing now on Asia and Northeastern Africa.

Flight Disruption for Lufthansa after IT Outage

The system failure has impacted countless flights and left thousands of passengers stranded.

2/06/1919: Lufthansa Forerunner Deutsche Luft Reederei Maiden Flight

Today in Aviation, German airline Deutsche Luft-Reederei (DLR) operated its inaugural flight, a 250 km route between Berlin and Weimar, in 1919. 

Lufthansa to Operate Boeing 787-9 to Five North American Destinations

Lufthansa will use its Boeing 787-9s for its nonstop service to five new North American destinations for summer 2023.

Lufthansa Signs Letter of Intent for ITA Purchase

The takeover of ITA Airways by the Lufthansa Group is nearly finalized after the German company signed a letter of intent with the Italian Ministry of Economy to purchase Italy's largest airline.

Lufthansa Technik to Provide Base Maintenance for Flyr

Lufthansa Technik will carry out scheduled maintenance on Flyr's Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Lufthansa Submits Offer to Acquire a Stake in ITA Airways

Deutsche Lufthansa AG ultimately wants to acquire Italian national carrier ITA Airways (AZ) whole.

Lufthansa to Bring Back Complete A340-600 Fleet

Germany's largest airline has decided that all its Airbus A340-600s should fly in 2023.

Lufthansa, Front-Runner for ITA Airways Stake Sale?

Negotiations for the privatization of ITA Airways (AZ) are about to catch some momentum.

Lufthansa Very Interested in Air India

Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr made a visit to India to discuss further cooperation between the two Star Alliance members.

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