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Finnair Launches Seattle-Helsinki Polar Route (+Photos)

This Finnair (AY) polar route allows for quick access to the Nordic countries, Europe and beyond.

Interview: How Finnair Circumvents Russia’s Airspace Closure

Find out what adjustments Finnair (AY) is making to stay afloat amid the Russian airspace closure.

Finnair Resumes Flights to Tokyo

After halting some service to Asia following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Finnair (AY) resumes operations to Tokyo Narita (NRT) on March 9. 

#FlybackFriday — The Finnish Way, From Miami to Helsinki with Finnair – Business Class

Reported by Enrique Perrella. Had I ever thought I’d be on a Finnish A330-300, departing out of Miami (MIA), minutes before midnight, mesmerized by a simplistic, yet elegant and modern flowery livery and entirely fascinated by the whole ordeal? No.

Op-Ed: Potential Airline Alliance Shifts on the Horizon

Airways looks at different scenarios in which certain airlines belonging to the three major alliances, along with external carriers, may soon switch allegiances as a result of significant industry events.

The Impact of the Middle East Conflict on Israeli Aviation

Airways delves into the impact of the military escalation in the Middle East on civil aviation operations to/from Israel.

10/27/1988: ATR 72 Prototype Takes to the Skies

The prototype of the ATR 72 performed its maiden flight today in 1988. A year later, Finnair would the type's the launch operator.


El Al to Fly Reservists Home on Sabbath

For the first time in 41 years, El Al will fly reserve soldiers around the world home on Saturday on emergency flights to serve n the Israel-Hamas conflict.

How Do Crews Detect and Prevent Fuel Contamination?

What steps can crew members take to minimize the risk of aircraft fuel contamination?

10/05/1951: First Flight of the Convair CV-340

Today in Aviation, the improved high-elevation performance Convair CV-340 made its maiden flight in 1951.

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