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CAPA Airline Leader Summit 2023 Full Report

Airways attended the CAPA Airline Leader Summit 2023, where aviation leaders gathered to discuss the future of aviation.

Oldest Airlines Still in Operation Part 1

These are the oldest airlines, founded before WWII, that are still in operation today.

Airlines Flying to More Than 100 Destinations Worldwide

Check out the list of airlines flying to more than 100 destinations worldwide.

1/10/1990: The Prototype MD-11 Takes to the Skies

After a promising start to the program the MD-11 failed to live up to expectations and just 200 airframes were ever built.

American Airlines Ends AirPass Program

American Airlines' AirPass program started in the 1970s after airline deregulation allowed for pre-purchase tickets at fixed rates.

Iberia to Increase Its Capacity in the United States

Iberia says it will exceed pre-pandemic levels at the start of 2023, reaching 105% of its 2019 capacity.

Cathay Pacific to Resume Flights in Russian Airspace

Cathay Pacific (CX) will resume using Russian airspace on some flights that were suspended after Moscow invaded Ukraine.

10/27/1988: ATR 72 Prototype Takes to the Skies

The prototype of the ATR 72 performed its maiden flight today in 1988. A year later, Finnair (AY) would the type's the launch operator.

Oneworld Alliance Relocates to Texas

The oneworld Alliance will move its global headquarters to Fort Worth, Texas, where it will join founding member American Airlines (AA).

10/05/1951: First Flight of the Convair CV-340

Today in Aviation, the improved high-elevation performance Convair CV-340 made its maiden flight in 1951.

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