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Trip Report: The Shortest Boeing 787 Flight in Europe

Experience the shortest Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight in Europe with Air Europa.

CEO Interview: Can TAAG Lead Southern Africa?

In this Airways interview, Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG, shares his views on the coming air travel demand in the African continent.

easyJet Shares Rocket amid IAG Takeover Reports

The International Airlines Group (IAG) is expected to take part in major airline takeovers next year.

Leisure Demand Boosts IAG Q3 Profits

IAG has revealed its Q3 profits and which of its airlines brought in the biggest revenues.

Worldwide Airline Cooperation: How does it work?

We take a look at three different global airline cooperation strategies that have influenced the industry over the years.

Genoa Airport Suspends Operations amid Protest

Genoa Airport (GOA) suspended its operations today amid a protest held at the airport.

The History of International Airlines Group

This is the story of the International Airlines Group (IAG), considered one of the world’s largest with a fleet of over 500 aircraft.

Anglo-Spanish IAG Orders 37 Airbus A320neo Aircraft

The IAG A320neo orders will be fulfilled between 2025 and 2028 and will be used to replace short-haul fleet aircraft from the A320ceo family.

London Gatwick Airport Caps Summer Flights

This is the way London Gatwick Airport (LGW) will avoid the last-minute cancellations that have brought chaos to airports across Europe.

Manchester Airport to Fully Reopen Terminal 3

Manchester Airport (MAN) will fully reopen Terminal 3 this week for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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