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Airbus History Special

30 Years of Airbus A340 Operations

Today, the Airbus A340 reaches 30 years of commercial operation. Here is our tribute to this aircraft.

Oldest Airlines Still in Operation Part 1

These are the oldest airlines, founded before WWII, that are still in operation today.


2/24/1957: World’s First Commercial Trans-Polar Flight

Today in Aviation, SAS Scandinavian Airline System (SK) commenced the world's first regular polar air service in 1957.

2/01/1964: Boeing 727 Enters Service With Eastern Air Lines

Today in Aviation, the American-built, three-engine Boeing 727 entered service with launch customer Eastern Air Lines in 1964.

1/29/1966: The Official Opening of Auckland Airport

Today in Aviation, Auckland Airport (AKL), the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, opened its doors in 1966.

1/24/1961: Maiden Flight of the Convair 990 Coronado

The Convair 990 'Coronado,' built following a request from American Airlines (AA), took to the skies for the first time on this day in 1961.


1/04/1964: First Papal Visit to Use an Aircraft

In 1964 Pope Paul VI became the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to travel onboard a commercial airline.

12/10/1958: First Jet-Powered US Domestic Flight

Today in Aviation, National Airlines (NA) operated the United States first jet-powered domestic flight in 1958, beating American Airlines (AA) by a month.

12/08/1964: United Airlines Caravelle Makes First Automatic Landing in the US

A french built aircraft became the first airliner to make a fully computerised controlled landing in the US on this day in 1964.

Flashback: United Airlines Boeing 787 Inaugural

10 years ago today, the first Boeing 787 in America entered service with United Airlines (UA). Airways was there for the occasion.

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