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Flying the Boeing 747 in 2023

Airways takes a look at the passenger airlines that will still operate the legendary Boeing 747 in 2023.

Asiana to Resume Boeing 747-400 Operations

Asiana Airlines' (OZ) only Boeing 747-400 jet is returning to operation as the airline is upping its capacity on flights to China.

Boeing 747 Dreamlifter Lands with Missing Gear Wheel

A Boeing 747 Dreamlifter landed safely in Charleston (CHS) after losing one of its main gear wheels on departure from Italy (TAR).

Another Boeing 747 for Challenge Airlines BE (+Photos)

It’s a third Jumbo jet for Challenge Airlines BE (X7), and it’s all geared up in the “Challenge accepted" livery to take to the skies later this month.

Cargolux to Replace Boeing 747-400 with the 777-8F

Cargolux (CV) has announced its much anticipated fleet renewal plans, replacing all its Boeing 747s with newer 777-8F.

Remember the Green Boeing 747s of Jade Cargo?

The Boeing 747 still remains an active and reliable machine to haul cargo given its large payload capacity and nose cargo door access.

The Saga of the Emtrasur Boeing 747 Detained in Argentina

This is why a Boeing 747-300 freighter has remained grounded at Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Goodbye to KLM’s Last Boeing 747s?

KLM (KL) will make a final decision as to when its Jumbo jet operations will come to an end.

Atlas Air Takes Delivery of New Boeing 747-8F

The new Boeing 747-8F will improve capacity and consume less fuel on flights between China and the Americas.

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Inaugural Flight

Experience what it was like to be on board Lufthansa's (LH) inaugural Boeing 747-8i flight exactly 10 years ago today.

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