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SpeciAAl Delivery Flight Event: American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (Part One) – VIP Tour of 737 and 777 Factory

MIAMI — To say, the last few years have been “eventful” for American Airlines is an understatement. In many ways it has been a tail of two airlines. These litany of lows are well documented: Chapter 11 bankruptcy, record financial


1/27/1959: First Flight of the Convair 880

Designed to compete with the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, the prototype Convair 880 took to the skies for the first time in 1959.

November 2022

Created at the end of World War Two, the Flying Tiger Line became one of America’s most successful all-cargo carriers. Boeing 707-349C N322F is pictured. 

May 2022

As Oklahoma boomed, almost a century ago, Braniff was born. DAVID H. STRINGER takes us back to track the airline’s growth from a modest few routes to a vast network stretching far into Latin America; and ED DAVIES on Braniff

January 2020

The British Invasion in the USA was not only about music. About a decade before the arrival of the Beatles in New York onboard a Pan Am Boeing 707, the Vickers Viscount started to fly in the United States with


12/05/1919: Avianca Is Established in 1919

Today in Aviation, Colombian flag carrier Avianca, the second-oldest airline in the world, was registered under the name SCADTA in 1919.


11/29/1953: American Airlines Introduces the Douglas DC-7

The DC-7's introduction allowed American Airlines to become the first to offer non-stop transcontinental service.


11/27/1992: Dan-Air Merges into British Airways

Dan-Air (Dan Air Services Limited) was created in 1953. It would be sold to British Airways 39 years later.


11/16/1920: Qantas Is Established

Australia established Qantas as its first airline in 1920, making it the world's third-oldest commercial carrier.

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