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Airports with the Highest Number of A380 Destinations

The Airbus A380 has not just elevated the standards of long-haul travel; it has also positioned certain airports as epicenters of Superjumbo operations.

Qantas to Resume A380 Flights to Hong Kong

Qantas has announced that it will resume its regular A380 connection from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to Hong Kong International Airport.

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Lufthansa Brings Back A380 Thailand-Germany Route

Starting October 28, 2023, Lufthansa will reintroduce the A380 aircraft on the Bangkok-Munich route, increasing the capacity on this nonstop route due to its recent high demand.

Global Airlines Partners with Hi Fly to Speed Up A380 Service Launch

Global Airlines has entered into an agreement with Hi Fly to expedite the Entry into Service program for the airline's new fleet of A380 aircraft.

Lufthansa to Keep Flying the A380 Until 2030

Lufthansa has announced its plans to continue operating A380-800 aircraft into the late 2020s or early 2030s.

Emirates Schedules the Airbus A350 for Australia

Emirates has provided an update on its operations in the UAE-Australia market, coinciding with the arrival of its new Airbus A350

China Southern: Profits Up, A380 Out

China Southern Airlines (CZ) has posted modest profits for the first half of 2023. It has also removed the A380 from the fleet.

Thai Airways to Sell A380 Fleet

Thai Airways bids farewell to the A380 by offering the entire fleet for sale.

France’s BEA to Investigate Incident Involving Emirates A380

France's BEA has launched an investigation into an incident involving an Emirates A380 and possibly a drone at Nice Cote d’Azur Airport.

Qantas Increases Capacity, Adds More A380 Routes

Qantas Airways continues to bet on its Airbus A380, programming even more flights to be operated with the Superjumbo.

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