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SWISS Pilots in Contract Row Protest March

The protest march on SWISS' (LX) HQ comes as the pilot union ballots its members over strike action.

Airbus A380 Components Auction Set for October

Airbus is to host a three-day auction for scrapped components of an Emirates (EK) A380.

Newark Airport, No Longer Considered a NYC Hub?

This is why Newark Liberty (EWR) will no longer be considered a New York City-area airport.

AirAsia Grows Teleport Fleet with A321P2F

AirAsia (AK) is to add three A321P2Fs to the fleet of its dedicated cargo subsidiary Teleport.

Pond Hopping – The Story of bmi’s Transatlantic Operations

Despite hopes of becoming a key player in the transatlantic market, bmi's (BD) ambitions never really took off.

Italy Selects Certares Bid for ITA Airways Negotiations

The deal means the new ITA Airways (AZ) bidders will enter exclusive negotiations with the Italian Government.

The History of International Airlines Group

This is the story of the International Airlines Group (IAG), considered one of the world’s largest with a fleet of over 500 aircraft.

Edelweiss Air Expands Long-haul Fleet

Swiss leisure airline Edelweiss Air (WK) is seeing strong demand on its long-haul holiday routes.

Palma de Mallorca Airport Bursts with Traffic

The airport of this Balearic island, Palma de Mallorca (PMI) is at full throttle and has surpassed pre-COVID levels.

Italian Government Asks ITA Bidders to Improve Proposals

The Italian government is unhappy with the bids that have been put forward for the country's flag carrier.

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