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AeroSHARK-equipped Boeing 777 First Passenger Flight

A SWISS (LX) Boeing 777-300ER equipped with AeroSHARK surface technology has taken off on its first passenger flight.

Genoa Airport Suspends Operations amid Protest

Genoa Airport (GOA) suspended its operations today amid a protest held at the airport.

Eurowings Europe Moves Registration to Malta

Eurowings Europe (E2), a Lufthansa (LH) subsidiary, has moved its registration to Malta.

10/13/1930: Junkers Ju 52 Maiden Flight

The German-built Junkers Ju 52 took to the air for the first time today in 1930. The type flew for almost 90 years.

10/11/1970: Maiden Flight of Boeing 747-200

Today in Aviation, the much-upgraded passenger variant of the Boeing 747, the 747-200, took to the skies for the first time in 1970.

10/10/1985: Presidential Airways Takes Flight

Presidential Airways (XV) was established today in 1985 by former PEOPLExpress boss Harold J. “Hap” Paretti. 

PLAY Touches Down in Liverpool

PLAY (OG) is the latest airline to commence flights from Liverpool's John Lennon Airport (LPL).

10/08/1998: Gardermoen Replaces Oslo Fornebu Airport

Today in Aviation, Oslo Fornebu Airport (FBU) was replaced by Gardermoen Airport (OSL) in 1998. 

Eurowings Pilots Announce Strike Action

Ten rounds of negotiations have failed, meaning Eurowings (EW) pilots will now participate in a day of strike action.

10/05/1951: First Flight of the Convair CV-340

Today in Aviation, the improved high-elevation performance Convair CV-340 made its maiden flight in 1951.

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