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Explained: The ICAO CORSIA Scheme

We take a closer look at the ICAO CORSIA Scheme initiative, which aims to reduce the industry's carbon footprint in the next decades.

The Future of Aviation

The commercial aviation industry has pursued higher aircraft/fuel efficiency since its inception, so what does the future hold?

FAA Clears H2-powered Dash-8 for First Flight

Universal Hydrogen's mission is to make hydrogen-powered commercial flight a near-term reality.

Airbus Announces Motor Partner for Hydrogen Engine

Airbus has chosen its partner to create a motor for its hydrogen-powered engine.

Chinese University Flies Blended Wing Aircraft Model

Northwestern Polytechnical University flew a scale model of a Blended Wing Body aircraft, but the concept is not new.

ZeroAvia Teams up with Shell, Rotterdam The Hague Airport

ZeroAvia has teamed up with Shell and Rotterdam The Hague Airport to introduce commercial hydrogen-electric flights by 2025.

Net Zero for Aviation – An Impossible Target?

The pressure on the industry grows amid stakeholder's demands and requirements to reduce carbon emissions.

ITA Airways, Airbus Reveal eVTOL Partnership

Italian flag carrier, ITA Airways (AZ), and Airbus announced the launch of a partnership to develop an air taxi network in Italy.

Aviation Is Not the Poster Child of CO2 Emissions

Transport accounts for roughly one-fifth of worldwide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Zero-emission Aircraft, Hydrogen Tech Needed by 2025

FlyZero, a UK research project into zero-carbon commercial air transport, has released its vision for a new generation of liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

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