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Japan Airlines to Resume Boeing 767 Freighter Operations

Japan Airlines has announced its plan to return the Boeing 767-300 cargo aircraft to its fleet in February 2024.

Interview: Turkish Airlines CEO, Bilal Ekşi

Recently, Airways interviewed Turkish Airlines CEO Bilal Ekşi, who described how the airline's global network is faring as tourism to Türkiye recovers.

American Airlines Unveils 50 New Summer Routes

American Airlines has announced its flight schedule for summer 2024, featuring over 50 new destinations.

United Airlines Reports Q3 Financial Results

United Airlines has reported quarterly pre-tax income of US$1.5 billion, a pre-tax margin of 10.3%, and diluted earnings per share of US$3.42.

ITA Airways Launches Worldwide Expansion

ITA Airways has strengthened its presence in the African and Middle Eastern markets through an extensive route expansion for the summer season of 2024.

Boeing, NASA, United Airlines Collaborate in SAF Research

Boeing has announced a collaboration with NASA and United Airlines to conduct in-flight tests to measure the impact of sustainable aviation fuel on contrails and non-carbon emissions.

How Airlines Extract Their Crews from Conflict Zones

In times of conflict, airlines have their own risk assessment processes and response protocols in place to ensure the safety of their crews.

Czech Airlines Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Today, October 6, Czech Airlines joins KLM, Avianca, Qantas and Aeroflot in the centennial club, celebrating 100 years of aviation excellence.

The World’s Busiest Airline Routes in 2023

In the intricate web of global aviation, where flights traverse continents and crisscross time zones, some routes stand out as true titans.

10/02/2017: Monarch Airlines Ceases Operations

Today in Aviation, the UK's fifth-largest airline, Monarch Airlines, ceased operations in 2017.

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