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How do airlines determine if an aircraft is fit to fly?

Airways' Chris Sloan explains the ins and outs of the Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

Losing Altitude: Can Aviation Meet the Talent Demand?

Aviation needs next-generation commercial aircraft, new propulsion types, and novel sources of energy.

Six Ways to Use AI in Aircraft Maintenance

Fleet managers and technicians can use AI to minimize aircraft repair costs, improve airframe performance, and streamline maintenance processes.

Explained: The ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance

Warning: Under Maintenance. If you see this sign at an aircraft facility but don't know exactly what's going on, here's your explainer.

First Boeing 777F Modified with AeroSHARK Enters Service

The world's first cargo aircraft modified with the AeroSHARK surface technology begins scheduled service.

SOFIA Finds New Home at Arizona Museum

SOFIA will continue to engage a new generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers at the Pima Air & Space Museum.

AeroSHARK-equipped Boeing 777 First Passenger Flight

A SWISS (LX) Boeing 777-300ER equipped with AeroSHARK surface technology has taken off on its first passenger flight.

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Inaugural Flight

Experience what it was like to be on board Lufthansa's (LH) inaugural Boeing 747-8i flight exactly 10 years ago today.

The Airbus A300 Flying Zero-G

This is why the A300 offered 22 or so seconds of zero-G or complete weightlessness.

Document Workflow Automation in Commercial Aviation

From flight plans to maintenance reports to safety inspections, the documents in commercial aviation do more than just keep things running smoothly.

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