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Flying the Extra Miles: Aircraft with the Longest Range

Long-range commercial aircraft can traverse over 11,000 miles nonstop, connecting cities and continents in ways once considered impossible.

9/10/1952: TWA Introduces the Lockheed Super Constellation

Today in Aviation, TWA introduced the Lockheed L-1049 'Super Constellation' into its fleet in 1952.

8/15/1958: Pan Am Received the First Boeing 707

The historical handover of the first commercial jet airliner to a US carrier heralded the beginning of the Jet Age.

Is the Promise of Sustainable Aviation Fuel a Myth?

For all its future glories in the air, will the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) have a negative impact on the ground?

5/18/1981: International Air Bahama Ceases Operations

Today in Aviation, The independent passenger carrier International Air Bahama ceased operations in 1981.

5/12/1982: Braniff International is Grounded

Today in Aviation, One of the world's most iconic airlines, Braniff International, ceased operations in 1982.

5/05/1947: First Flight of Alitalia

Today in Aviation, the first Alitalia-Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali (AZ) flight took off bound for its domestic destination in 1947.

5/01/1988: Thai Airways Is Established

Today in Aviation, in 1988, Thailand's two national carriers merged to form Thai Airways International (TG).

Deep Dive: The Story Behind KLM Asia

Airways explores the story behind KLM Asia, its origins, why it was created, and the main differences with its parent company.

4/02/1961: VIASA’s First Commercial Flight

Today in Aviation, Venezuelan flag carrier VIASA completed its first commercial flight hand in hand with KLM in 1961.

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