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9/04/1971: Concorde’s First Trans-Atlantic Crossing

Today in Aviation, Anglo-French Concorde made its first-ever trans-Atlantic crossing in 1971 to the South American country of Brazil.

Braniff and the Concorde

One of the often-overlooked chapters of Concorde’s history was Braniff International’s (BN) interchange flights.

Supersonic: The Origins of Concorde

A team of British and French engineers set to work on an audacious project: building a supersonic commercial aircraft.

5/31/1946: London Heathrow Begins Commercial Operations

This is the story of how London Heathrow Airport (LHR) officially opened for commercial air travel.

The History and Evolution of Commercial Aircraft Photography

Commercial aviation photography is a popular niche that requires specialized skills, access, and equipment, and its history can be traced back to the early days of aviation.

Explained: Emergency Landings

What alternatives are available to pilots, and what protocols do they adhere to while performing an emergency landing?

A Brief History of the Quadjet

Rediscover the four-engined commercial airliners that revolutionized the air travel industry.

3/31/1974: British Airways Begins Operations

Four British companies, BOAC, BEA, Cambrian Airways, and Northeast Airlines, merged today in 1974 to form British Airways.


3/21/1996: US, Russia Begin Supersonic Transport Research

Today in Aviation, a US-Russian Joint Commission began technical interchange and research on supersonic transport technologies in 1996.

Oldest Airlines Still in Operation Part 1

These are the oldest airlines, founded before WWII, that are still in operation today.

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